Student Handbook


Welcome to Alpine Training


Welcome to the first day of your future.


At Alpine Training, we believe that today’s learners are the leaders of tomorrow. Vocational education plays a critical role in creating a strong and healthy economy by equipping people with the skills they need to succeed.


By delivering each course through the Alpine Training experience, we can ensure that we support our students on their education journey.


Through Alpine Training, we only offer courses that are in demand by industry, giving our students an opportunity to participate fully in the workplace and to live a better life. Alpine Training provides relevant, work-ready qualifications delivered through high-quality teaching. Our courses offer students the opportunity to uncover the right opportunity and career direction for their individual needs.


Alpine Training works directly with clients to find a course that suits their unique career or workplace requirements and if needed, we can tailor the course to suit individual skill levels, acknowledging their existing experience.


By providing high-quality services, we offer a clear competitive advantage – our students and business clients can be certain they’re getting the best service possible.


In this handbook, we not only wish to welcome you to Alpine Training and to bid you all the best for a successful qualification and training program, but to make you aware of how we work, how we can and will interact with you, and what we require from you to get the most out of your course.


Whether you are attending classes online, at one of our campus locations in Queensland, or in your own workplace or an employers’ or agency training facility, your training with Alpine Training and means doing things one way – the best possible.


We look forward to seeing you through this journey and become a leader of tomorrow.


Best wishes,




Chief Executive Officer

Alpine Training